Cloud Services


For your business to run smoothly, you need an infrastructure that you can rely on. We help you in setting up a Cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of your company.

Do you want to store your company’s data in a secure environment and at the same time, not to depend on a local server? The Public Cloud service helps you get rid of the maintenance of a local storage space and provides you with a reliable option of data storage. It can be easily accessed from any location. The cost of this space is related to the amount of data stored, so you pay strictly for how much you use.



The Public Cloud service strictly provides the necessary resources for the applications running on it to function at maximum capacity.


The resources used by this service can be adapted to allow compatibility with changes that may occur in your company.

Cost management

The Public Cloud service works on the "Pay as you go" principle, so your company pays strictly for the resources used.

We offer support for the protection of our clients’ data in a secure area, on their hardware. By opting for our Private Cloud solution, our clients benefit from a high level of security and a high level of control. The storage space can be accessed later from any location via VPN


Superior security

The Private Cloud service offers a high level of data protection by restricting access to various resources by the firewall.

High level of control

In Private Cloud offers the possibility of configuring data access so that it corresponds to the needs of your company.

Managementul costurilor

Private Cloud creste eficienta costurilor in compania ta, imbunatatind  modul in care resursele sunt distribuite si reducand spatiile neutilizate.

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