Since 1998 we are Microsoft partners with a vast experience in implementing complex solutions based on Windows Server, Azure, Share Point, Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Solutions

We take care of the complete management of your Microsoft 365 account in a transparent way so that you do not worry about the technical aspects. Our services include:

  • Complete solutions based on Microsoft 365
  • Managing and configuring your Microsoft 365 account and Mail service
  • Scaling these solutions to meet your needs


SharePoint is more than just a storage space where members of a team can collaborate. By using this solution, document flows, special access rules between team members and special archiving criteria can be established. At the same time, data and documents can be distributed in a controlled way among team members. The virtual workspace is scalable to match the size of your team.


Through the Azure system, our customers have access to the most secure and performant cloud service platform. It supports any operating system and a wide range of programming languages.
The Azure system is easy to adapt to your needs, offering great flexibility in configuring the infrastructure. Also, the system can be scaled to use only the resources you need, to provide the right solution at the best price.

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